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June 2008

My life on the happy list...

It's June 30….you all thought I was going to be late.  You know you did.  Silly geese.  I'm all over it.  I'll forewarn you…this list is very sports-centric so bear with me.  That said, without further ado, here is June's Ten Happy Things… 

10.  I stood up in a wedding the weekend before last.  I will discuss that further later on.  However, I will take this moment right now to tell you all that my hair was OFF THE CHAIN.  It took a full hour longer than planned but it looked friggin awesome.  There are days when I wonder why in the hell I keep all this hair.  I mean, it's long and it's heavy and it's rather high maintenance.  But then I have a hair moment like I had for the wedding and I know full well why I keep it.  Because it's awesome.  And it can be twisted up into awesome configurations.  I rock the updo.  ;-)

9.  I got my mom the best birthday present ever.  Well, best ever based on things my mom likes.  If I got this particular gift, I'd be like "are you kidding me?" but my mom is going to be totally psyched.  I called in a favor and got my mom third-row center tickets to see Kathy Griffin.  Yes, I know.  Kathy Griffin is really one of the world's most annoying people.  But my mom LOVES her.  Mom's birthday is on Friday.  I can't wait to see her face.  Tee hee!

8.  Okay, I know this is a stupid thing to be happy about.  Deal.  I'm a girl.  Girls generally dig this kind of thing.  I like getting manicures and pedicures and the like.  Most girls do.  It's a pure pamper experience.  I found a new nail place that's literally three seconds from my house that gave me a damn fine manicure and quite possibly the best pedicure I've ever had for a REALLY reasonable price.  Again, let me stress that this place is like an eyelash's distance from my house.  And they're open until 8 pm, so I can go after work if I want.  I look upon this and I deem that it is good.

7.  You're all well acquainted with my tennis fetish.  I drone on about it almost endlessly from January through September as the four grand slams roll by.  Wimbledon is currently in its second week.  Sadly, this has been one of the most anticlimatic Wimbledons ever.  Some would disagree.  I mean, top seeded players have been falling like meek Titans to nobody players left and right.  We've got a whole week of tennis left yet and I'm nearly out of favorites to root for.  All my favorite girls are out and I've only got one dude left who is losing as we speak, battling an injury, and isn't even remotely a favorite for the championship.  Some would call that exciting with all the upsets and such.  I call it boring.  Nevertheless, it's still awesome tennis and I still get to watch it on my big ass television in high definition…so I'm happy.  Direct TV even gave me six channels on which I can view different matches, which is simply the bomb swiggity.

6.  Keeping with sports……baseball is keeping a smile on my face.  The Mets, after firing that manager who I never really liked (although, the way they let him go was rather shitty), are finally making a turn around.  They're playing well and gaining ground on first place.  The Red Sox, also, are kicking ass and are locked in the seemingly endless tango with Tampa Bay for first place.  The best thing about it, though, is that both the Braves and the Yankees – the scourges of my baseball world – are still sucking it up.  Even if both the Mets and the BoSox were in horrible form, I'd still get joy out of the fact that the Yankees and the Braves are driving the suck train.

5.  The Olympics are coming.  They're coming in a big way.  I've been watching the team trials here and there.  Mostly gymnastics and swimming.  I adore the Olympics…more the winter than the summer…but either way, it's joy for me.  I take days off of work sometimes just to sit at home and watch.  Women's gymnastics has me the most excited.  The USA will most likely be sending our strongest women's' gymnastic team ever.  The girls are just out of this world.  It's not like teams in the past where you've got one or two major talents and then some strong competitors.  It's like an entire team of Shannon Millers.  The trials blew me away.  There are girls – girls PLURAL – who are vying for spots on the team who have moves named for them on different apparatus.  These girls are going to rock Beijing.  It's going to be beyond awesome.

4.  This one is also sports-based.  Shut up.  I don't care.  It's also kind of mean but, again, I don't care.  I know it's not nice to revel in someone else's disadvantage but I'm not really reveling per say.  I'm just kind of….uh…..anticipatorily pleased.  Anyway…unless you live under a rock, you've heard that Tiger Woods will not be playing any more golf this year.  His knee is all jacked up and he has to have surgery to fix it so he's out for the remainder of the 2008 season.  While I feel for him in the sense that I know what it is to have injured knees that crimp your style, I am SO JAZZED about what this means for the rest of the field.  A Tiger-free golf season opens the door to all those other players that I love that are so good…but not quite Tiger.  I'm hoping that Tiger's absence will mean a major title for Sergio Garcia, or Luke Donald….or both.  Or how about Ian Poulter?  Or Jim Furyk?  Or Mike Weir?  Yeah, this is going to be good.  Even better, though, it means I will actually be able to sit and watch a weekend of golf on television that does not double as the Tiger Show Starring Tiger.  I know he's the best player in the world.  He's always the best player on the field regardless of who's playing.  But he's not the ONLY player on the field.  Nine times out of ten, all the coverage will ever show is Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.  They'll show Tiger standing still before they show another guy get an ace in the hole.  It's maddening.  Until he's back with his new bionic knee, I won't have to be drowning in televised Tiger for the remainder of the golf season.  Don't get me wrong.  I like Tiger.  It's just a bit much sometimes.  I will tell you this right now, though….should Sergio or Luke win their first major during this season, I won't have to put it on a Ten Happy Things list because you'll be able to hear my cheering happiness from space.

3.  My friend Nikki got engaged.  It's been a bit of a long road for her with a good chunk of time hoping against hope that she'd get to where she's at now.  From the brief details I've heard so far, her betrothed could not have handled the proposal in a more perfect way.  I am so thrilled for her.  It's nice to see a friend have things start to come together.  :-)

2.  Don't you love those times when one of those long-lost people in your universe grabs a passing comet's tail and sails past your planet for a happy hello?  I love that.  I've had that lately.  A voice from my youth that I thought was forever gone is ringing loud and clear again.  It's so nice.  It gives me that warm-fuzzy-bubbly feeling in my little toes.  It's all daisies and sunshine.  Ha!  The best part of it, though, is that he's in such a happy place himself.  I don't think it'd be as nice of a thing if I got a random hello from an old friend that was drowning in misery.  His life sounds like it's so joyous….and that brings me joy.  :-)

1.  After many, many, many moons of watching my best Parks be lonely, he has finally taken a wife.  :-)  He is happy and content.  While this is a version of him that I've not seen much of, I'm so happy that he's happy and his girls are happy, especially the Kangaloo (Katelyn, his eldest daughter).  Julie is also happy but that is not nearly as unusual as it's been for the other two.  Parks is happy and the Kangaloo is happy and all is right in the world. 

So, there's the list.  I'm off now to listen to more tennis and get odd looks from coworkers as they walk by and hear me listening to tennis.  All the coverage is British, you know, so it hits the ears a bit oddly.  You get the point…..

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