Other Things That Might Interest You...

Wait, Who the Hell Are You?

My name is Meredith Oliver.  It used to be Meredith Mastrobuoni.  Yeah, go ahead, you can laugh.  I know what it sounds like.  Here are some random things about me that might help you put it all into perspective...

Almost nobody calls me 'Meredith'.  Almost everybody calls me 'Mer'.  There are random other people here and there that call me other nicknames but mostly I am Mer.

I live in Chicagoland.  I'm not from originally from there.  I've lived here for all of my adult life and then some but New York - specifically Queens - will always be home.  When I refer to home, that's what I mean.

I am short and roundish and orange-headed.  Most people would call me a redhead.  My hair is not red.  It's orange.  Think of every person you've ever seen with "red" hair.  It wasn't really red, was it.  It was orange.

My thyroid does not work.  It's very annoying.

I'm a complete calamity.  I think I have perfected the art of falling down and hurting myself.

Strange things happen to me often enough that strange things have become the norm.  My best friend Joeie used to say "these are just the things that happen to you.  Embrace the strange."  She was right.  She was almost always right.

I believe emoticons should have noses and those noses should not be comprised of hyphens.

I am a grammar and spelling stickler.  Most people say I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi but I have a lot of Jewish friends and I don't really want to eliminate all the spelling and grammar that isn't blonde and blue eyed and part of my self-defined "Master Race" of spelling and grammar rules........so I tend to shy away from the Nazi word.

I am a rabid sports fan.  Most of the teams and people I root for either perplex people or piss them off or both.  I don't care.

I feel things very deeply.  I am rarely apathetic.  Most people have likes and dislikes.  My version of that tends to run more toward all encompassing obsessions and things I loathe with the fury of a thousand suns.

I try very hard to be compassionate and respectful and kind to others.  I try to understand people.  I try to relate to them.  I try to help....a lot.  I try to use my experiences to help other people through theirs.  I've got a mommy complex.  I know this.  I'm okay with it.  The only people in the world I can't seem to relate to in any way are Yankee fans.

I like to laugh.  I do it a lot.  Things and people that can make me laugh are usually among my favorites.

There's lots more to know but I think it would take all the fun out of the discovery.  Go read.  Go discover.  :o)