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Where have you been all my life, life, life.....

So, over the past couple of weeks, several people have asked me where the blog’s been and if I’m going to start writing it again now that I've been dragged (kicking and screaming) back into Corporate America. Because I can’t resist a good chunk of irony, I thought I’d blog about whether or not I’m going to go back to blogging.

October 2010

Cat.  I'm a kitty cat.  And I dance, dance, dance.  And I dance, dance, dance.

September 2010

"We've got wings."  "We've got feet too."

August 2010

It's not easy being green...

July 2010

Sweet darlin', you can leave your hat on...

June 2010

It's one for the Dagger and another for the one you believe...

May 2010

Won't you please let me...back in your heart?

April 2010

When you came in, the air went out...

March 2010

You're gonna slap all your troubles away with the slap chop...

February 2010

Oh Canada, glorious and free...

January 2010

Take a bite of my bad...girl...meat!

December 2009

"Oh, the weather outside is weather..."

October 2009

"Let the Wild Rumpus Start!"

September 2009

That stuff is bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

August 2009

You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day...

July 2009

You're a bluebird on a telegraph line, I hope you're happy now...

June 2009

She don't like, she don't like, she don't like....cocaine!

May 2009

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain...