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April 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

A month ago, in response to the first string of almost summer weather, I wrote a list of ten things that I was happy about.  I think this should be a regular practice.  So, for the month of April, here are ten things I'm happy about...

1.  The weather is still cool.  I know this is going to be short lived as the hell of summer is bound to suck me into its depths sooner than I'd like.  However, right now it's still cool enough to wear a jacket and that makes me happy.

2.  Listentoamovie.com.  If you have not been to this site, go.  Now.  It's great.  I listen to Caddyshack at least three times a week.  It's become such a frequent practice in my office that co-workers have been known to come into my space just to listen to parts of the movie.  We've all been quoting Caddyshacks like maniacs. 

3.  I am participating in the end of the Megan Embargo.  This pleases me.

4.  I am happy to know Mr. Fred Caffey.  He's a fairly newer addition to the Mer Universe.  He's smart and he's fun and he knows how to talk baseball.  He has a slight Virginia accent.  He makes me laugh every day.  I like that in a person.

5.  Baseball is being good to me.  The Mets are in first place.  I know it's only by a half game and I know it's really early in the season, but they're still in first place and the Braves are not.  Equally enjoyable is the fact that the Red Sox are also in first place...by four games. But really, the thing that makes everything about baseball awesome right now is that the stupid Yankees are in LAST PLACE.  That's just the best thing ever.

6.  I have awesome tickets to the White Sox game on May 21st.  This means I get to see the love of my baseball life who's been sadly missing from my life since the Mets released him the season before last.

7.  I've got plans to see Hot Fuzz tomorrow.  God Bless Simon Pegg!

8.  Sitting at my home in a box is a brand new PlayStation 3.  It is waiting for its soon-to-arrive HDTV compatriot.  Once all is said and done, my livingroom will be video game heaven. 

9.  Half of my new livingroom furntiure has arrived.  I'm still waiting on the sofa but the rest of the furniture is there.  Included in this furniture set is a "chair and a half."  Personally, I think the name is ridiculous but the chair is friggin great!  It's HUGE.  I feel like Lily Tomlin on Sesame Street in this chair.  Add the ottoman to the mix and I'm swimming in chair.  It's absolutely fabulous. 

10.  I've been sucked into that Deadliest Catch show.  What a great show.  I'm all into it.  I've got favorite Captains and favorite deckhands and guys I don't like so I wish them crabless pots.  I highly recommend this show.  It makes me want to go fish in the Bering Sea.  I'd probably die early in my first week but what a rush!  And in the cold no less! 

That is all for now.  I know, the list seems lame...but I think that reminding yourself of the little things in life that make you happy is good for your mental state.  La-di-da-di-da...

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