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January 2010

Take a bite of my bad...girl...meat!

Happy 2010, kittens!  Can you believe the first month of the new year is over already?  I can't.  Seems like 2010 is going to do that rapid fly-by thing that 2009 did.  I wish things would just slow the hell down.  I mean, what's the rush?  Chill!  Nevertheless, let's hop on the good food and do the bad thing...

10.  In less than two weeks, the 2010 Winter Olympics will be upon us.  I'm a big fan of the Olympics, especially the winter games.  Of all the events in sports, the Olympics are my hands down favorite.  I'm prone to taking days off work just to watch certain events (although, thanks to the glory that is Tivo, I don't think I'll have to do that this year).  It's all happening on February 12th so gird your loins people!

9.  For the first time in a very many number of years, I was not completely and utterly pissed off by the Grammys.  Okay, I take that back.  I had a moment of complete disgust when that awful Kings of Leon song about banging groupies beat out four vastly superior songs for Record of the Year.  That being said, Lady Gaga performing with Sir Elton was AWESOME, Taylor Swift is the cutest thing in the entire world (although, I will say the fact that Fearless beat out The Fame for Album of the Year is kind of ridiculous.  I love Taylor and I LOVE Fearless but The Fame broke records people.  I mean, come on.), Bouncy (who is really Beyonce but I don't call her Beyonce.  I call her Bouncy.  I mean, look at her.  She's Bouncy!) was radiant and justly rewarded, and the distribution of awards was, for the most part, appropriate.......except for that Kings of Leon bullshit.  Usually the Grammy Awards really suck ass but this year was full of Bouncy and Taylor Swift and Gaga the Magnificent and I dug it in a big, big way.

8.  Okay, so, I know they lost and I know that around 92% of the country thinks they suck and I know that they wouldn't have even made the post-season if the Colts hadn't laid down and let them in.....but I'm just going to take this opportunity to congratulate my New York Jets for being the best little over-achievers in football.  I thought for sure they'd be out in the first round of the playoffs.  They hung on all the way to the AFC Championship game and while they did (fittingly) go down to the Colts in that game, I don't think they have one thing to be ashamed of.  They did GREAT.  Rookie coach, rookie quarterback, winning season, healthy post-season.  Gang Green, baby!  :o)

7.  Think what you want of this man (yes, Brendan, we ALL know you hate him), this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life:

I don't know what kills me more - the fact that he's singing "Pants on the Ground" in the damn locker room in that redneck twangy voice of his, the ridiculous face he makes when he does the "hat to the side" part, or the fact that he slaps the shit out of Jared Allen's ass so hard that big, bad-ass Jared Allen is like "ow!"  LOL  I lost my mind laughing at this clip.  Say what you want about him....but I LOVE Brett Favre, especially because after all these years, he's still got that boyish exuberance that makes him run around like a kid after throwing a touchdown pass and sing "Pants on the Ground" in the locker room.  "Hat to the side....pants on the ground!"  Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa!

6.  My fellow Eric-loving Trubies, have you seen this?

Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  Sometimes life just isn't fair.  That man should not be that delicious.  More accurately, that man should not be that delicious and that inaccessible to me. 

5.  I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  This is not news.  I think everyone knows this by now.  Anyway, during hockey season when football is over and pickings are slim for the late-morning television slots on Sundays, NBC does this whole "Game of the Week" thing where they feature abe hockey game that's usually some kind of rivalry.  For three weeks in a row, the NBC Game of the Week is rocking the Penguins.  Two weeks ago, it was the Penguins v. the Flyers.  This past Sunday, it was the Penguins v. the Red Wings.  Next week, it's the Penguins v. the Capitals.  SWEET!  I don't get the NHL Center Ice package (because, frankly, it's just too damn expensive just to follow one team) and, being that I have DirecTV, I don't get the Versus Channel anymore either......so, needless to say, I don't get to see a lot of Penguins games.  Three consecutive weeks of good Penguins match-ups that I have full access to is a reason to celebrate.  It's like getting my weekly dose of Malkin......and sometimes a girl just needs a little Malkin in her life.  

4.  Just when I start to think that the world is looking a little bleak, I get something like this:


I don't know what he's looking at but whatever is going on behind him that's making my Sergio make that face deserves my thanks and whatever photographer was inspired enough to get this shot just at this perfect moment deserves multiple awards.  Sigh.  Sergio's smile lights up the whole world...  ;o)
3.  The European Tour, PGA of America, and United States Tennis Association seasons are all officially underway.  There is golf and there is tennis and there is a happy, happy, happy Mer.  I don't even care that the first Slam of the tennis year was entirely anti-climactic.  It was still tennis.

2.  Okay, you knew I was going to bring this up because I'm such a big, fat sci-fi geek.  Dudes.....how awesome was Avatar?  I've seen it three times, all in 3D.  It's pointless if you don't see it in 3D.  That movie totally blew my mind.  Okay, I will admit that the story was kind of predictable.  I mean, there wasn't anything that happened plot-wise that you couldn't see coming a mile away.  Personally, I think that was kind of a smart move because anything more involved story-wise would have totally distracted from the heaven-based acid trip that is the movie's aesthetics.  I've never seen anything like it.  I mean, I've seen LOTS of 3D.  Avatar is unlike any kind of 3D I've ever seen.  It was SO beautiful.  The first time I saw it, I spent all two hours and 41 minutes with my mouth agape in complete and utter awe.  You can say what you want about James Cameron but the man knows how to make a movie.  The two highest grossing films in worldwide movie history are James Cameron films.  That's saying something.  If you're one of the three people in the universe that hasn't yet seen this film, please go.  It's not a movie.  It's an experience.  Oh, and let me just say right now......I totally want to be blue and have a tail and big yellow eyes and a kitty nose.  I'm digging it.

1.  If you read my best of 2010 post, you already know this nugget.  However, it was a January Happy Thing so it still counts.  Ladies and Gents, baby-crazed Mer is finally having a baby of her own.  :o)  I can finally stop coveting my friends' children and spend my energies growing lungs and spinal cords and eyeballs and fingernails.  Listen as the world shrieks in terrible wonder as the spawn of Mer begins its descent unto the world!  Ha!  I don't have a concrete due date yet because I don't see the doctor until Wednesday......but there's definitely no denying that there's a bun firmly in the oven.  I'm starving and tired and in a constant state of needing to pee and I can smell the entire world.  Let me get the most common questions answered off the bat......the baby will arrive sometime in mid to late September, I feel pretty good, I'm not having morning sickness, the queasiness has subsided, I will be finding out what I'm having as soon as possible, the families all know, Joe is very excited, and I will be breast feeding.  Did I miss anything?

Just as a kind of funny side note, one of the first thoughts I had after finding out I'm pregnant was "oh damn, I'll be due in September and I have golf tournament tickets!"  LOL  It's true, too.  The BMW Championship is coming to Cog Hill again this September and I have tickets already.  Those who went to the tourney last year were offered discounted tickets if you bought them really early.....so I got mine really early not anticipating that I'd be pregnant and due to give birth in close proximity to the tournament date.  I'm going to be 9 months pregnant at a golf tournament.  That ought to be a sight.  Sergio thought me in a t-shirt with his logo on was funny last year.  Wait until he sees a hugely pregnant me in a t-shirt with his logo on.  That'll be an image to behold!  Here's to hoping I don't go into labor somewhere on the course.....and, no, I will NOT be naming the baby Sergio should I have a boy.  Joe would never allow it.  ;o)  

There you go.  January over and out.  I fully expect that this year's lists will be a bit goofy because my emotional reactions to things are just all over the place these days.  I sobbed watching figure skating.  I cried when Brett Favre threw his first touchdown of the day during the Vikings post-season game against the Cowboys and then I cried even harder when the Vikings lost to the Saints (although, so did my not-pregnant sister so I don't feel too badly about that one).  I can't even be in the room when commercials for Extreme Home Make-Over are on.  So, again, I'm thinking Ten Happy Things are going to be a bit of an adventure. More fun for you all I suppose.  :o)  Alright then, go on and get going on your February.  I'll see you in 28 days.....

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Sergio Rivera said...

Lol maybe you might have your child on the most glorious birth date of all...Oct 1! You should name him Sergio, after all, that is such a great name if I say so myself. All Sergio's are great, especially myself lol!