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November 2009

My eyes adored you....
Happy November everyone!  I trust you and yours had a nice time of it over-eating during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I love Thanksgiving.  I look forward to dressing all year....and mashed turnips.  Really, that's all I want from Thanksgiving - dark meat turkey, dressing made from anything but cornbread, and mashed turnips.  I got it all this Thanksgiving....and it was good.  Speaking of good, let's get going on this month's list...

10.  As you all know, I am no lover of the New York Yankees.  That team is probably the only thing about New York that I don't love.  Okay, I don't love the Giants either but nothing registers on my hate-o-meter like the Spankees.  This year has been particularly annoying because they won the damn World Series....again.  Stupid slapnut Spankees.  Blah, blah, blah.  While I know that I am not alone in this sentiment, it's always nice to find someone who can really put Yankee hatred in the right perspective.  Via Twitter (my new interweb heroin addiction), I came across this blog - Getting It Off My Chest.  I cannot tell you how good of a time I had reading that crap.  I can't imagine any Met or Red Sox fan NOT loving such a dissertation.  Like I said, I know I'm not the only one....but it's great to see some humorous evidence of that fact.  :o)

9.  Let me begin by saying that I'm not any kind of documented fan of Italian golf.  I don't generally follow Italian golfers.  Hell, I can probably count on one hand how many golfers from Italy I've even heard of.  Italy's not really known for it's golf.  It's not really known for sports of any kind unless you count race car diving as a sport, which I don't.  You want to talk food, or wine, or art, or culture - Italy's your place.  Sports, not so much.  That being said, a couple of Italian professional golfers made history this past weekend and let me tell you, it was pretty sweet.  The final event of the European Tour - the Omega Mission Hills World Cup - was held this past weekend.  It's a team tournament event where two-man teams compete under their country's flag.  There was a good mix this year with all my European boys but Paul Casey playing.  Ireland led the tournament through the first three days going into the final round.  Italy and Sweden were right on their tails but they maintained the lead through three rounds.  However, when it came down to the final holes, the Molinari brothers from Italy pulled it off, winning by one shot.  Italy has never won a World Cup event before.  Brothers have never won a World Cup event before.  Even though I was pulling for the Irish team in a big way, I cannot tell you how happy I was to see Italy win.  It's not something you see every day and the Italian girl in me was psyched for those little golfing wops who pulled it off in the end.  Buena Italia!


8.   Keeping with golf (I know...big shocker there), I love it when one of my boys wins.  Look at my Ian!


He's so snazzy....and he's the big winner.  The big winner of the Singapore Open.  Why he has to be the big winner with his trophy up in a tree, I don't know but maybe that's just how they do it in Singapore.  I could try to explain why he has to be the big winner in a pink outfit but unless you know how Ian is, you won't get it.  He's just a snazzy bitch.  It's his way.

7.  So, remember a while back when I was all charged up about Brett Favre and the Vikings kicking the crap out of Green Bay?  Yeah, well, they did it again.  It wasn't a true beat down.  I mean, the final score was 38 to 26.  Nevertheless, it was AWESOME.  The first game was played in Minnesota.  This game, however, was played in Green Bay.  I don't have to tell you the significance of that.  You don't have to be into football to understand the significance of Favre playing in Green Bay for a team other than the Packers.  Anyway.....the Packer fans booed Favre.  I understand team loyalty....believe me, I do.....but I just don't know how any self-respecting Packer fan boos Brett Favre.  I mean, come on!  It's BRETT FAVRE!  But, they booed him.  He trotted out on the field and they booed him and he laughed.  He laughed all the way to the winner's circle.  He gave Green Bay a football bitch slap.  It was phenominal!

6.  On November 17th, Star Trek came out on DVD.  Being the patience-challenged chick I am, I got my blu-ray copy that very day.  I've fought the urge to watch it every single day.  I know....I'm such a Trek geek.  I can't help it.  It's genetic.  The best part, though, is that the blu-ray extra special features contain a gag reel.  Gag reels make my day.  I think every movie should have one regardless of the tone of the film.  Schindler's List should have a gag reel.  Passion of the Christ should have a gag reel.  Star Trek has a gag reel and it doesn't disappoint.  Nothing about that movie disappoints.  I don't care what the stupid purists say who can't tolerate any deviation of any kind from what they think is Star Trek gospel.  Get over it.  Yes, we all know the Enterprise wasn't built in Iowa.  We know Bones' wife actually died.  Who cares?  Star Trek was awesome in the theaters and it's even more awesome in my house on my giant TV?  Why, you ask?  Because it has a gag reel, that's why!

5.  My parents did a cool deal for me for my birthday this year.  The lot of us went and played a round of indoor golf.  I know that sounds kind of lame but let me explain.  There's a place in Orland Park called the Indoor Links or something like that.  Basically, you go there with your golf clubs and they put you in a kind of stall with a big movie screen on the wall.  You pick your course and you play 18 by hitting a golf ball into the movie screen.  It's very similar to the set-up they have at golf equipment stores where you can test drivers and whatnot.  The coolest thing, though, was the choice of courses.  They had over 100 courses including places like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Torrey Pines, etc.  We played Kapalua in Maui.  It was THE SHIZZ.  If you like to golf and you go through withdrawals in the winter when you can't play, find an indoor golf place with the movie screen set-up.  You can golf the courses of the world without having to deal with the crappy exchange rates the US dollar is getting these days.  Can't go wrong there!

4.  As is true every year, the eggnog lattes have returned to Starbucks for the Christmas holidays, ushering in my two-month addiction.  This year, they arrived on my birthday.  It's like Starbucks Fairy came down and tapped me with her eggnog wand, showering my taste buds with deliciousness in honor of my birthday.  It's little things like this that give me faith in the world...

3.  Like the big dork girl that I am, I totally saw New Moon opening weekend.  I saw it and I swooned and I drooled and I sighed.  I oogled Taylor Lautner's back and abs and arms and shoulders just like every other heterosexual woman in America, Twilight fan or not.  I'm not ashamed to say it.  I'm a Twilight Cougar.  I don't care that he's 17.  I don't care that I'm old enough to be his mother.  I don't care that there's something indecent about showcasing the bare body of a kid not even old enough to vote.  I don't care that people make fun of me for having Taylor Lautner wallpaper on my iPhone and my work computer.  I just don't care.  The kid is hot as hell, the movie was awesome, and I'm a Twilight fan.  I went with a group of girlfriends and we had the best time.  I saw it a second time and still loved it.  I'll probably see it again before it leaves theaters.  Again, I'm not ashamed to say it.

Just as a side note:  for those of you who have seen New Moon, how awesome was Dakota Fanning?!?!?!?  I'm so used to her being cute and sweet.  She was so totally NOT cute and sweet in New Moon.  She was creepy as hell!  It kind of blew my mind a little.

2.  Behold!

Those of you who have friended me on Facebook may have seen that picture already.  That's me....on my birthday....in my Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins hockey sweater that I got for said birthday.   The sleeves are totally too long.  I have to roll them up like 80 times.  It's so great!  I wish the Pens came here for regular season games because I'm dying to see them play live.  I'll have to take a trip to Pittsburgh I guess.  If and when I do, I'll have the perfect wardrobe for it courtesy of my Evgeni Malkin jersey.  Hellz yeah!

1.  For her birthday, my Gram wanted to go see Jersey Boys so my mom and I got tickets to see Jersey Boys.  Had my Gram not asked for this specifically, I probably would have gone my whole life without having seen that show.  In all honesty, no part of me wanted to see it.  I didn't not want to see it but I wasn't putting it on any To Do lists.  When we got the tickets, I figured I'd go and it would be entertaining and that would be the end of it.  You know what?  I LOVED it.  LOVED IT!  I want to see it again before it leaves Chicago in January.  It's one of, if not the, best stage shows I've ever seen.  The acting was awesome.  The stage design was awesome.  The music was awesome.  The little dude playing Frankie Valli was awesome.  The only exposure to Jersey Boys I'd had before seeing the show was seeing the New York cast sing some song on TV last year.  I wasn't impressed.  They guy playing Frankie Valli in that cast sounded just enough not like Frankie Valli that you noticed.  Not the case for the dude I saw in the Chicago show.  He wasn't a dead ringer for Frankie Valli looks-wise but if you closed your eyes and just listened, you'd swear it was actually Frankie Villi.  He was SPOT ON.  He sounded EXACTLY like the real thing, which is no small task.  Frankie Valli has a really unique voice.  Men can't usually sing in that kind of falsetto without having their balls in some kind of distress.  And the guy who played Bob Gaudio!  Oh my GOD!  The guy was just delicious.  He's probably gay in real life but who cares.  He was delightful.  We had third-row seats and I spent almost the entire show with my eyes wide and my mouth agape in an awestruck grin.  Go see it.  You don't have to be a child of that era to enjoy it.  It's so good.  It was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself while simultaneously giving it to someone else.  Ha!

So, there you go.  November's Ten Happy Things.  I know I've said this almost every month but it really is shocking to me how quickly this year is flying by.  One more month left and then we're in 2010.  It's a head shaker to be sure.  I promise to make every attempt to get December's list up on time this year.  I'm not making any promises but I'm going to try.  Until then, my pretties!

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